• Custom-made Website

Custom-made Website

Having a site modeled on your business is essential for several reasons:

  • Communicate better with those who visit, increasing the chances that you contact; your experience with your customers in this context is always very useful.
  • It sets you apart from your competition, so it helps make your visitors more easily memorable.
  • It is of fundamental importance to have a clear idea of ​​how to structure your customized site and which group of users you are contacting, in order to avoid finding yourself with an ineffective website and therefore with an incorrect investment. In fact, each activity has its typical clientele and its philosophy.

Only a well-designed site can capture the attention of users ... while a confusing design, inaccessible information, poor achievements can make them escape. What do you choose?

The design of a website influences the reactions and behavior of visitors and users.

An immediate and well organized design will highlight the main contents, so that users can easily find them.
In this way, users are accompanied in navigation to a specific service or product.

The better the navigability of the website, the better the perception of the site by the users, the longer the visit time will be and the greater the conversion rate, that is the percentage of users who, once they enter the site, perform one of the important actions for which the site was built (for example, the purchase if it is an e-commerce site).

If the user interface is intuitive the website will have a longer visitor time, visitors will deepen the site visit, thus increasing the conversion rate.

The interface must be tailor-made, based on the target of potential customers / visitors and in tune with the website category, with the corporate look and feel and with the proposed brands. A website that advertises snacks, will have a more creative and imaginative user interface and links will be placed in graphic objects to attract children and let them navigate in a paradise of snacks.
The time spent, the conversion rate, the percentage of user return and the popularity of the website are all elements that show if the interface designed is suitable for the website.

What the service includes:

  1. Market and competitors analysis.
  2. Creation of the structure with a responsive system that adapts to all devices: smartphones, tablets and PC and MAC computers.
  3. Choice and improvement of textual content and photos or videos proposed by the client.
  4. Number of pages included in the realization 15.
  5. Homepage with intro or video animation or slideshow.
  6. Presentation page.
  7. Products section, services, or gallery of images organized by categories.
  8. Contact section and where we are with Google Map.
  9. Contact form for requesting information or booking by visitors.
  10. Insertion of icons and links to the social networks of the clitor.
  11. Basic search engine indexing, SEO optimization and keyword programming on all pages of the site.

Any other functions requested by the customer have additional costs to be quoted separately.

All these techniques are complex to learn, and studying them means taking time away from your real profession.

Do not make the same mistake as entrepreneurs who save the site on their own or save the site from an amateur and then complain that the internet does not work, it is useless. Many other entrepreneurs, on the other hand, assume that it is enough to have Facebook, actually the most used tool on the face of the earth and in Italy it is Google, not having a site means not being available. Your competitors may have made the right choice and attract all their customers to them.

We help you to shed light on all the fundamental aspects, so that your new showcase website becomes a powerful marketing tool to strengthen your brand, bring you new contacts, better loyalize your customers.

Custom-made Website

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